4 Lesser-Known Advantages of Increasing HGH Levels

The power of natural hormone treatments to increase HGH levels has been demonstrated to enhance cognitive function, build lean muscle, increase energy, and improve sleep quality. However, there are a number of lesser-known advantages to increasing your body’s natural HGH secretion, such as:


Better Skin Tone

Collagen is a crucial protein that keeps your skin looking young and supple. HGH stimulates its production. In theory, maintaining higher levels of collagen results in younger, healthier-looking skin, much like botox injections, which inject botulinum toxin into facial muscles to stop the breakdown of that muscle tissue.


Improved Bone Health

With age comes a natural decline in bone density, which increases our risk of breaking bones — osteoporosis is a classic example. Human studies have shown that HGH increases bone density and lowers the risk of a fracture.


Increased Organ Performance

Our bodies store the majority of HGH in the liver, where it can be released when needed as a natural reaction to stressors like starvation or injury. By releasing more HGH during these times, we can promote better organ function and improve our overall health.


Increased Libido and Sexual Performance

It has been demonstrated that HGH increases fertility in women by up-regulating the production of the hormone estrogen. The ability of HGH to stimulate the testicles during puberty helps with sperm production and tends to have a similar effect on men by raising testosterone levels. Since this is important for the development of natural male sex characteristics, it makes sense that HGH supplementation is effective for those who need a little “pick me up.”


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