Are Synthetic Hormone Treatments Doing More Harm Than Good?

It’s no secret that synthetic hormone treatments such as testosterone and estrogen are widely prescribed, but what many don’t know is that there can be significant side effects from taking these medications. While the hormone treatments may provide symptomatic relief for a period of time, the underlying, and potentially long-term effects they can cause may outweigh their benefits. That is why natural hormone treatments may be a safer and more effective solution for treating hormonal imbalances.


Synthetic hormones are a relatively new type of treatment, with estimates claiming that over 30 million prescriptions for these medications are written each year. This has grown by about 12% over the past 15 years as people have sought relief from the numerous symptoms often associated with hormonal dysfunction. These hormones are often prescribed in different levels to help replace those hormones which may be low or non-existent. Treatments vary based on the underlying cause of the hormonal dysfunction and individual physiology, but can include synthetic versions of estrogen, progestin, testosterone, and thyroid hormones.


Unfortunately, synthetic hormone treatments have several potentially significant, and sometimes long-term side effects. These may include weight gain, changes in libido, swelling, and depression. These side effects are not just a one-time occurrence, but may become increasingly worse with continued treatment. In some cases, these symptoms may be particularly pronounced during treatment, often making them difficult for the patient to cope with on a daily basis.


In addition to these unpleasant side effects, research has linked the use of synthetic hormone treatments to an increased risk of certain cancers and other serious medical conditions. One study found that post-menopausal women who used long-term hormone replacement therapy had a significantly increased risk for developing breast cancer compared with those who did not use the therapy. There is also an increased risk for stroke and blood clots in those who receive this type of treatment.


Considering the seriousness of the side effects and the associated risks associated with synthetic hormone treatments, there is an increasing body of research that suggests natural hormones may be a better and safer solution. Natural hormone treatments, such as those derived from plants, are a type of alternative medicine that is gaining popularity across the world. The advantage to natural hormone treatments is that they mimic the body’s own natural hormones, and thus provide a more balanced approach to treating hormonal imbalances. This is in contrast to their synthetic counterparts that are designed to simply correct the underlying imbalance, but which may cause additional side effects.


In addition to the potential side effects of synthetic hormones, it’s also worth noting that the long-term effects of these treatments are not entirely understood. While results may be seen in the short-term, it’s not yet clear if the benefits of hormone replacement therapy hold up in the long run. Additionally, as hormones shift and change in the body, it can be difficult to find the right balance for each person, making it difficult to say for certain which type of treatment is best for each individual situation.


Synthetic hormone treatments offer immediate relief and can be an effective solution for a variety of conditions. However, the potentially long-term side effects and risks associated with the use of synthetic hormones should be carefully considered before starting this type of treatment. Natural hormone treatments, on the other hand, can provide relief while avoiding many of the risks associated with synthetic hormone therapies. For this reason, natural hormones may be a better choice for those seeking relief from hormonal abnormalities.


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