Low Sexual Desire: Common Causes and Solutions

Facing a lack of sex drive can be perplexing. Why would anyone lose interest in something that is meant to be enjoyable? It could be as simple as a medication you are taking. However, it could also be complicated, such as relationship stress. Here are some of the more typical libido-killers that both men and women encounter.


Low Testosterone

Despite its common association with males, testosterone is an essential hormone for both sexes. Low testosterone levels frequently cause a lack of libido.



Many postmenopausal women report a decline in sexual desire along with the onset of low estrogen levels.


Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

We may put so much emphasis on what is going on that we lose interest in sex when we are stressed, anxious, or depressed about something, such as work difficulties, parenting duties, or taking care of an elderly relative. When life gets hectic and we’re tired, the same thing can occur. Sometimes we’re too worn out to even consider it.



Common medications like antidepressants, birth control pills, and blood pressure medications can have sexual side effects, including decreased libido.


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