Natural Ways For Women to Balance Hormones and Improve Sleep

Good health and well-being depend on getting enough sleep at night. Hormone levels fluctuate as women become older, which might make it difficult for women to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, there is support available to help you achieve hormone balance and peaceful sleep naturally.

Loss of concentration, irritability and general sluggishness are all symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation. Medications are frequently provided to women by their doctors, however, many times these medications do not address the root cause of sleeplessness. In addition, many women can become hooked to sleeping drugs, which have unpleasant side effects, such as feeling lethargic the next day.

REM sleep or restful, deep sleep is essential for rejuvenating and rebuilding bodily tissues, as well as aid in anti-aging. About two hours into REM sleep, hormone release peaks, lowering muscle-degrading stress hormones like cortisol and rising muscle-building and fat-burning hormones like IGF-1, GH and testosterone. BioPro+ Corti-Sleep is a potent, stress-relieving night time solution to combat poor and inadequate sleep.

Corti-Sleep is a natural sleep aid that contains highly powerful substances that promote a deep and restful night’s sleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, clear and ready for the day without the hazardous long-term side effects of popular sleep drugs. In addition to promoting deep sleep patterns and reducing stress levels, CortiSleep also helps to enhance your mood, clarity and cognition. As well as give a boost to your daytime energy and increase HGH secretion, along with accelerating recovery.

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